Taranaki Triathlon Festival

Taranaki Triathlon Festival - New Plymouth : 29th - 31st March 2019

Team Relay Race Info

Team Relay Race 

The Race

The Team Relay Triathlon involves four competitors which can be made up as follows:

  • Two female and two male, or
  • Four females or
  • Four males

Each of whom completes a short triathlon before tagging the next team member.  Mixed Teams will compete in the order female, male, female, male, the same format that will debut at the 2020 Olympic Games.

The event will be run in age groups, with the team competing in the age group of the oldest team member (ages are taken as of January 1, 2019).

All four team members should be from a maximum of two schools in the same region.  Entries which do not meet the above criteria such as team members from more than 2 schools and/or from different regions, may race but will not qualify for Tri NZ Championship medals.

Points from this race go towards the overall School Trophy.  For the Tri NZ points table please click here

Distances are as follows for each team member

Age Group Swim Bike Run
 U12  200m  2.5km (1 lap)  1km (1 lap)
 U13  200m  2.5km (1 lap)  1km (1 lap)
 U14  200m  2.5km (1 lap)  1km (1 lap)
 U16  200m  5km (2 laps)  1km (1 lap)
 U19  200m           5km (2 laps)      1km (1 lap)      


The Location

The race will start on Ngamotu Beach, off Ocean View Parade in New Plymouth.  The cycle and run will take place close to transition with the final athlete crossing the finish line. 


All abilities are encouraged to enter the event.  $20 per team ($5 per person)


For the full schedule please click here  

Equipment Checks

It is your responsibility to ensure that all bikes are roadworthy and equipment meets the Tri NZ rules.  We recommend that you take your bike to your local bike shop before coming to the event.  If you require any assistance when you arrive in New Plymouth please visit Mitchell Cycles who will be able to help you with any repairs.

Tri NZ Technical Officials will check your bike complies with the Tri NZ rules on entry into transition, but this will not constitute as a safety check.

The Course

The swim will consist of a beach start and a rectangle course swum in an anti-clockwise direction - each age group and athlete will complete 200m - 1 lap

The bike course is a multiple lap of an out and back circuit of 2.5km per lap (plus entry/exit to mount/dismount line).  Road bikes or Mountain bikes will be allowed.  

  • 2.5km - 1 lap (U12/U13/U14)
  • 5km - 2 laps (U16/U19)

Drafting will be permitted for U16 and U19 races only.

The run course is 1 lap of a 1km course with a mixture of footpath, grass and road, the run course and distance is the same for all age groups.

On completion of the run the 1st, 2nd and 3rd team member will tag the next person in their team who will head down to the swim.  The final person will finish under the World Cup Gantry.   


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