ITU New Plymouth SPRINT Triathlon

New Plymouth ITU Triathlon World Cup - 25th March 2018

Photo Gallery: MENS ITU NP SPRINT Triathlon

NP 2016 R Murray WIN 973285 NP 2016 R Murray CYCLE 973285 NP 2016 Schilling Kanute WIN 973285 NP 2016 RUNNERS 973285 NP 2016 SWIM START 973285

CLICK Transition photo to view Ron Darmon's 2015 Cycle Course VIDEO

Ron Darmon GoPro 800500

^^ Click photo for Ron Darmon's 'GoPro' Video of the Cycle course  (our thanks to Ron)

The GoPro is clearly visible fixed above the front wheel just below the handlebars in the photo above...


 Countries represented in the 2016 Quality Hotel - ITU New Plymouth World Cup Triathlon included...

2015 ITU Countries represented in NP